July 30th, 2022

Jul 30, 2022

Takeover of the BCC

The community has received a letter via the Massbulletin that states the takeover of BCC for the Office of the secretary of The Auroville Foundation:

Dear Community
We’d like to inform you that ever since we as the new members of FAMC took charge as a team and announced our collective aspirations to the community, (https://auroville.org.in/article/91616) we have since been trying to reach out to the various sub-groups functioning under the FAMC such as to align our mandate, vision and goals for the coming months and years through proper work plans. And yet despite our earnest effort through the course of the month to meet with the BCC members for a collaborative dialog to move forward with renewed impetus, we unfortunately felt the team had been persistently stalling matters, and with a lack of sharing of information as had been requested from the team. Despite the repeated requests to help with critical data such for the FAMC to review the community budgets and suggest oversight, it was not shared with one reason or another being cited through the month.

As we now embark on a journey on setting up many new projects, new initiatives – some long pending and overdue; there is an urgent need to streamline and support all of them through proper budgetary planning, roadmaps and milestones. We have therefore requested the Office of the Secretary, Auroville Foundation to help us establish a new team to help us achieve them.

Through our request the “Budget Coordination Service” has been constituted by Office Order by the Auroville Foundation for the purpose.

Members of the Budget Coordination Service are:
(1) Ms. Ocean Bekker
(2) Mr. K. Anbu
(3) Ms. V. Sarasu
(4) Ms. Meena
(5) Ms. Svetlana Grigorashchenko
(6) Ms. R. Anitha
(7) Ms. H. Suryagandhi
(8) Mr. Ravi Borchardt

In addition, Ms Rupali Batra is the resource person to assist the BCS, Budget Coordination Service.

In Her Service,
FAMC (Chandresh, Geeta, Jocelyn, Kalya, Sathyanarayan and Torkil)