July 13th, 2022

Jul 13, 2022

Financial Service (FS) accounts of Working Groups of the RA have been frozen

Members’ access to the Financial Services (FS) accounts of both the WCom of the RA and the FAMC of the RA have been blocked in the past month, meaning that the staff and those members of the working groups who receive a maintenance might have difficulties to be paid going forward. Despite the ongoing court case, which specifically mentioned that ‘no proceedings’ should be carried out against the petitioners (i.e. the WCom of the RA), FS management removed access to the FS account from RA WCom members. At a later date, the access to their account was also removed from the FAMC of the RA members. Although WCom members have been assured that access to the accounts will be given back should FS be directed to by the courts, actions such as these raise doubts about the impartiality of FS members, as in the interim period, it will be difficult for the groups to continue to function properly.