January 5th, 2023

Jan 8, 2023

Take over of the News and Notes (N&N)

In the last week’s edition of the News and Notes, the newspaper of Auroville, it was noted that it did not contain any reports or notices from the Residents Assembly working groups, despite mass bulletins being sent out by RA WCom & RA TDC throughout the week. If the N&N is choosing not to publish notices from RA working groups, it would represent a serious change in direction of its editorial line.

Members of the community have sent emails to the Aurovilians in charge of the N&N to confirm this information, so far no answer from their part has been received.

Several community members recently noted an apparent change in the editorial policy of the News & Notes (N&N). The change came after a threatening email was sent from the AVFO ‘working groups’ signed by “L’avenir d’Auroville, FAMC, Working Committee” stating that the N&N team would be “liable for legal procedures” if they continue to publish notices from “irresponsible Aurovilians”.
Since then, no statements from the RA working groups have been included in the ‘Town Hall Speaks’ section of the N&N, which is the space usually given for working group announcements. Two announcements from the RA WCom were included elsewhere last week – a New Year’s message  & information about the Spirit of Auroville booklet – but the WCom’s official designation was removed and the notices were signed with their names only.
The AV Council made a statement on the subject, published in last week’s edition of N&N. The notice included the message “We wish … to emphasize that the N&Ns is an independent service for and by the residents of Auroville. Thus no fraction of the community can claim to have control over it or pressurize the editors in favor or against groups”. The N&N editors addressed the issue with an explanation that was sent along with this week’s edition. They state that the lack of notices from the RA working groups was “due to some controversy which the N&N had, until now, managed to avoid” and go on to say that “talks are ongoing concerning this with the Secretary” as well as the RA WCom and AV Council.

Email to N&N from GB working groups.pdf