January 13th, 2023

Jan 13, 2023

In November 2022 an announcement was shared by the ‘Resettlement Group’, a team consisting of Jaya (illegally appointed AVFO’s ‘ATDC’), Geeta (illegally appointed VFO’s ‘FAMC’) & Banu (illegally appointed AVFO’s ‘Housing Service’). They stated that their aim was to help relocate Aurovilians whose residences are allegedly “interfering with the key elements of the City as per the Galaxy Master Plan”.

This week, several Aurovilians whose houses are supposedly located on the Radials and Outer Ring Roads received an email asking them to meet the group. The emails state that “Though we do not have yet the fixed date of when these buildings will be dismantled, part of it is likely to happen in the near future as the planning work proceeds”.
This is done despite
– the NGT has ruled that no further construction can take place until complete Environmental Clearance & Detailed Development Plans (DDPs) for the future City have been put in place – a ruling that still stands even though the AVFO is appealing to the Supreme Court. However, the illegally appointed AVFO’s ‘working groups’ appear to be pushing ahead with their plans to clear the ‘Right-of-Ways’.
– the RAD about development
– Auroville due processes

Large portions of the lands for the Outer Ring Road and Radials are still in private hands. Opening up these roads would provide access to the non-Auroville lands and is likely to invite more private development and land speculation by developers, as well as leading to an increase in land prices. A section of the Outer Ring Road also passes through a residential area of Kottakarai village, and the road borders the northern side of Edayanchavadi. If a road would be opened up in that section it would invite the same type of rapid non-Auroville development that has happened on the Kuilapalayam road and the road from Edayanchavadi to Visitor Centre. Therefore, before the trajectory of any road can be finalized, careful planning will have to take place between Auroville and its neighbors. The Outer Ring Road and some Radials as they are currently planned also cut through sensitive forest and watershed areas such as the Revelation Sanctuary, which is a wildlife area. Before commencing any construction, destruction or relocation, the Environmental Impact Assessment would need to test the mobility needs and trajectories as part of the overall planning process.