February 8th 2022

Feb 8, 2022

It’s not a bout trees anymore.. Follow up on events regarding outreach media.

After the email Outreach Media received from the Under Secretary requesting to hand over the movable and immovable assets, as well as the response from the FAMC, today, it has been followed up by acts.

The Under Secretary accompanied by Joel and Sinduja (who have been the nominated spokespersons by the secretary of the Foundation Office) actually went to take over the space and office of Outreach Media physically.

This same day the Under Secretary also wrote a letter to the FAMC, taking over its management saying “the meetings of the FAMC will be henceforth convened by the secretary or her nominee”, and that “the meetings will be convened at the Foundation Office”, with the time and agenda of the next meeting.

The FAMC immediately responded in writing, sharing their views on the FAMC vis-a-vis the Auroville Foundation rules 1997. This letter states the FAMC is to be seen as a committee constituted by the Residents Assembly, with members selected by the RA, with a mandate received and approved by the RA.

And as such they will refer to the Residents Assembly and its Working committee for follow up.

We here can clearly see a step that shows intensions that are way beyond a quarrel over cutting trees or marking a road.

FAMC’s reply to Auroville Foundation Office

Extract of the Foundation Act regarding the FAMC