February 25th, 2023

Feb 25, 2023

RA TDC: Violations of NGT ruling and ratified Auroville building application processes – open letter

To: [email protected]

In your announcement in the news and notes dated 23 02 2023 you state that the following project has received building approval.

Temporary caretaker house and volunteer capsules – AV model farm & training & production centre. BA 2603. Applicants: Anitha and Jothi Prasad

While we must assume that you are aware of the NGT ruling of 28th April 2022 and the implications of not compiling to the court ruling, we would non the less like to remind you that the NGT ruling of 28th April 2022 does not permit any further construction in the project area until proper township plans are prepared and apply for environmental clearance ( NGT ruling 123.a). The NGT ruling does not exclude temporary structures and is for the entire project area that includes all lands of Auroville.

There is also a serious conflict of interest here. Jothi Prasad is a member of the group that has given the permission for the project. So de facto can be seen as giving himself permission for the project.

We would like to further state that clearing of the area was started prior to permission and feedback period. This is a violation of the agreed upon Auroville process for approval of projects.

Additionally we assume that you are aware of at least 2 other construction projects being started in the last few weeks that are in violation of the NGT ruling and do not even seem to have gone through the prescribed Auroville building application process.

– Construction at the south west corner of the Auromode compound.
– Construction next to the visitor toilets inside the Matrimandir compound.
– Permission for temporary caretaker house and volunteer capsules – sustenance farm

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L’avenir d’Auroville – TDC Town Development Council
Allan B, Anan, Dorle, Divya L, Island, Lata, Meera N, Natasha S, Tom G

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