February 13th, 2023

Feb 13, 2023

The Krishna Das concert was held at the Matrimandir on Sunday 13th February. The event attracted about 1500 people and was organised by Dena Merriam of the IAC, AVI USA, and the Auroville Foundation.
Prior to the event, a number of Aurovilians had expressed their dissatisfaction with a large concert held in the Matrimandir. The bonafide WCom wrote to the Matrimandir Executives to outline their concerns and request that the concert be held elsewhere. Even some members of the AVFO’s illegally appointed ‘WCom’ sent an email to Dena Merriam and the Secretary after the event, sharing similar concerns. The event attracted thousands of people who did not come for the Mother or Sri Aurobindo or Auroville but for Krishna Das… all those who came knew well they were expected to respect the place and do their dancing at Unity Pavilion. Nothing was respected. An Aurovilian who attended to witness the event has also shared their report here.