December 27th, 2022

Jan 8, 2023

GB meeting held in Chennai without informing residents

In a major break with precedent and protocol, the Auroville Governing Board met last week in Chennai without sharing any information with the community beforehand. Although GB meetings have previously been held outside of Auroville, they have never gone ahead without sending a notice to the community first. Residents and the RA Working Groups only became aware of the meeting because one of the GB members, Goutam Ghosal, shared two tweets ahead of the meeting on his personal twitter page. A later tweet shared a photo of the Secretary, confirming that she had been present at the meeting.

As shared by the RA WCom in their November report, against all normal practices the GB have also failed to share the agendas and minutes of their previous two meetings, despite repeated requests from the RA WCom.