August 23th, 2022

Aug 23, 2022

On 23rd August another vital section of road was dug up thus going against both the NGT judgement and the High Court of Madras judgment, without any notice or warning to the community. Areas of built road that have been made unusable now include: the stretch in front of Santé, the Gaia crossing, and the road from the Youth Centre towards the T-junction. Movement around Auroville is severely hindered by these roadworks. As of yet, no new stretches of the Crown Road are ready for use. Existing stretches of road which are in perfectly good condition have been removed and are presumably to be replaced by the paver blocks used on the Youth Centre stretch. As Satprem’s series of comprehensive reports have demonstrated, these blocks are substandard compared to the existing ones made by the Road Service.

2022 08 14 Crown road – Follow up

2022 08 15 Crown road – Follow up

2022 08 16 Crown road – Follow up