August 15th, 2022

Aug 15, 2022

On 15th August in Mahalakshmi park, a new project was inaugurated by the Secretary. It consists of a ‘calisthenics’ area with outdoor sports equipment. While such a project could be considered worthwhile for the Auroville community, it was implemented without informing the steward of the land at any stage.


The entire Mahalakshmi park area has been previously planned and mapped with TDC approval, including a phase-wise development plan of the park with different spaces and activities. With the implementation of the calisthenics area, the previously approved plan was completely ignored. Additionally, part of the equipment consists of a large advertisement for a Chennai-based company. When the steward arrived on site to inquire why he had not been consulted, he was accused by Jaya (member of the illegitimate ‘ATDC’) of ‘ownership’ and his queries remained ignored.